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Maisie is an automated digital assistant that helps eCommerce stores generate more traffic and convert more sales via Messenger & Facebook.

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A better way to promote your store

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Why Maisie?

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Recover lost sales

Abandoned Cart Rescue for Messenger

69% of online shopping carts are abandoned!

Maisie helps you rescue abandoned carts and convert them into sales by sending automated, personalised messages to your customers in Facebook Messenger.

Messenger is better than email at rescuing lost sales – with 80-90% open rates and 4-10x the conversion rate of email.

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Automate Facebook ads & posts

Automated Facebook posts for new products

Maisie helps you generate more traffic and engagement by automatically creating Facebook posts whenever you add new products to your store.

Facebook & Instagram ad creation at scale

Maisie helps you promote more of your products by automatically creating Facebook and Instagram ads and targeting them better using custom audiences.

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subscribe to messenger popup

Grow Messenger subscribers

Subscribe to Messenger Pop-up

Maisie helps you grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list by adding a Subscribe to Messenger popup on your website.

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Increase engagement & loyalty

Messenger Customer Chat Plugin

Maisie enables you to have real-time conversations with your customers by automatically installing the Messenger Customer Chat Plugin directly to your website.

Automated follow-up messages in Messenger

Maisie helps you keep your customers engaged by automatically sending order confirmation, shipping confirmation and other transactional messages to your customers in Messenger.


Maisie is your virtual growth assistant.

Noticed how most marketing automation tools require you to do a lot of the work? Maisie is different. She's a virtual eCommerce growth assistant, designed to do most of the hard work for you, like, automatically. She reminds you to do things like create ads and social posts and then actually does it for you.

Easy one-click install

Install the Maisie App on your e-commerce store so Maisie can automatically create messages, posts and ads. The Maisie App for BigCommerce is now available. Other popular e-commerce platforms are coming soon!

Run your marketing on the go

Free yourself from the office. Simply ask Maisie to do what you need using Facebook Messenger. She's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Generate more sales today!

No credit card required. No risk.