Accelerate your list building with Facebook Messenger

Maisie's Messenger List Builder Popup enables eCommerce stores to easily subscribe website visitors to Facebook Messenger for future nurturing and engagement.

No credit card required. No risk.

subscribe to messenger popup

Turn site visitors into Messenger subscribers

abandoned cart in messenger

Engage with customers where they really spend time.

Email marketing is awesome. But you know that maybe only one quarter of your emails gets opened. Emails quickly get lost in crowded inboxes or never make it past the junk folder.

However, messages get noticed. They’re immediate. They’re conversational. That’s why Messenger can deliver up to 80-90% open rates and 30-40% click through rates!

Re-market to your Messenger list. 

Keep sending your emails. For those customers who you can’t reach or are unresponsive use your Messenger list.

  • Send messages showing off your new products.
  • Send abandoned cart, order confirmation and shipping messages.
  • Create abandoned cart & new product ads for Facebook & Instagram.
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How it works

subscribe to messenger popup

1. Shoppers subscribe to your Messenger opt-in pop-up


Maisie automatically installs a customisable Subscribe to Messenger pop-up on your website.

All the user has to do is click the Send to Messenger button and they are automatically subscribed! No need for them to enter an email address.

2. Maisie sends them a welcome message


Maisie automatically sends your new Messenger subscribers a message confirming their subscription including their special discount code.

messenger popup thank you message

3. User revisits your store & purchases


Your subscribers click on the link in your welcome message to revisit your store and apply their discount code at checkout.

Easy setup - simply connect and go

1. Connect your online store

One-click install the Maisie App to your eCommerce platform.

2. Connect Messenger

Click to connect your Messenger account to Maisie.

3. Connect Facebook

Click to connect your Facebook Business Page and Ads account.

4. Start list building

Relax and let Maisie do all the work whilst you get back to business.

Grow your Messenger subscribers today

No credit card required. No risk.